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Het nieuwe Rodney Crowell-album The Chicago Sessions is geproduceerd doo Jeff Tweedy en is in één woord fantastisch. Een absoluut hoogtepunt is het door Crowell en Tweedy samen geschreven en gezongen Everything At Once, nu al het duet van het jaar. Van de tien nummers zijn er acht nieuw. Daarnaast is er You’re Supposed To Be Feeling Good, wat Crowell schreef voor Emmylou Harris die het opnam voor haar album Luxury Liner en er is, mede op verzoek van Tweedy, de Townes Van Zandt-cover No Place To Fall. Het is allemaal even prachtig. Rodney Crowell wordt dit jaar 73, maar op The Chicago Sessions klinkt hij vitaler dan ooit.

Produced by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, The Chicago Sessions is indeed a throwback to Crowell’s early days of making records, but it’s no nostalgia trip. The songs here are vital and timely, touching on everything from love and mortality to race and religion, and the performances are nothing short of intoxicating, fueled by raw guitars, honky-tonk piano, and tight, punchy drums. Tweedy wields a light touch as a producer, his influence subtle yet unmistakable, and engineer Tom Schick’s mixes are dynamic and alive, alternately lush and spacious in all the right places with a spotlight fixed firmly on Crowell’s warm, weathered vocals throughout. Put it all together and you’ve got a masterful, cross-generational collaboration that manages to feel both fresh and familiar all at once, an incisive, engaging collection that balances careful craftsmanship with joyful liberation at every turn.

1. Lucky
2. Somebody Loves You
3. Loving You Is the Only Way to Fly
4. You’re Supposed to Be Feeling Good
5. No Place to Fall
6. Oh Miss Claudia
7. Everything at Once (feat. Jeff Tweedy)
8. Ever the Dark
9. Making Lovers Out of Friends
10. Ready to Move On


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