Titus Wolfe :: Ho-Ho-Kus N.J.


TitusWolfe-BLU665-dTitus Wolfe is een Duits-Amerikaans muzikant. Hij nam een akoestische versie op van Willy DeVille’s Heaven Stood Still en stuurde die via een kennis naar David J. Keyes, bassist van DeVille’s band. Die was daar zo van onder de indruk dat het uiteindelijk leidde tot de CD Ho-Ho-Kus N.J., opgenomen in -jawel- Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey, waarop Wolfe begeleid wordt door diverse DeVille-muzikanten. Wolfe zelf is een goede gitarist en een heel goede zanger die mooie soulvolle nummers schrijft. Twee keer covert hij Willy en een keer Little Feat: Willin’. Bijzondere en sfeervolle plaat.

Titus Wolfe spent his childhood in Frankfurt, Germany. He was given his first guitar at the age of eight and was soon taking part in local talent competitions. Inspired by American singers and songwriters from the 70s he began writing his first songs in his early teens. By his early twenties Titus was already drawing a lot of attention on the Frankfurt club scene as a singer and electric guitarist. He toured the local and national clubs and festival circuit, performing with bands playing a range of musical styles. During this time he also began working in studios as a guitarist in a wide variety of projects. Eventually he moved to Berlin and set up his own studio to produce and compose for film, TV, radio and audio book productions, for which he often also provided the music.


1. Your Name In The Clouds
2. Too Far Gone
3. Guru For A Dime
4. Heaven Stood Still
5. Where Roses Grow
6. A Trip Nowhere
7. Calling You Name
8. Angels Don’t Lie
9. The Trouble You Must Have Seen
10. Willin’
11. Wild, Wild World








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